Hello, World! Starting Something New in Uncertain Times

Everyone has to begin somewhere, so here is where I start. I frequently am met with a decision to act out of fear or with love, like daily. What about you? Just starting a blog for my website has me a little fearful, but I know that the content will be full of love, offer resources, and provide relief and hopefully something fantastic to look forward to; a healing session, distance Rei Ki, sitting down to journal for a few minutes, time where you feel relaxed, at ease, calm in the coming hours/ days/ weeks - and how I feel about doing it for the first time doesn't really matter. In fact, getting it over with for the first time or first few times will be more challenging than any other time as I keep going and making it a habit, a part of my practice.

Things are shifting and changing, always, but right now it feels especially striking. The world reacting and responding to the pandemic of the Coronavirus-19 has made daily life "as we know it" challenging. I stopped working in person to help flatten the curve, one of the most difficult decisions of my career and life thus far. I see this time as an opportunity to reset and think about what really matters. When you don't have disposable income and are limited to mostly indoor activities for an unknown time, it's an awesome time to clean your home, take apart your closets and reorganize, toss things you haven't used in 6 months to a year, spend time caring for yourself, think about what you can do that your future self will thank you for during this darn quarantine time. Consider what really matters to you most and take action now, get started. What are you doing to help yourself?

I've been doing my best to find a routine, seek connection with my family and close friends, create something each day so that there's differentiation and I have some type of log to look back at in the future, spend time outside in the sunshine with my babe while walking his pup. I meditate, practice gratitude, listen to music that makes me feel good, read for self betterment and development, seek laughter/ levity, and think about a future that has fewer people living in fear, who actively take chances to better the lives of themselves and their communities, and live with love and peace at the center of their hearts.

Don't get me wrong, I've cried, slept more than I've needed, and felt helpless and overwhelmed lately, but it's not my focus. It's super important to feel the spectrum of emotions even when the feelings aren't popular. Handling emotions over time is the trick... Becoming mindful of how much time you allow lower frequency vibrations and thoughts to take up your mental real estate is an essential tool. Are you able to shift back to a place of comfort and calm relatively quickly?

I pray, meditate [and medicate], choose to vibrate higher. I actively choose love over fear and wish the same for you. If you need energy work or a private sound bath, want a tarot card reading or want help with inner work I’m virtually everywhere, I'm here! Send me a message and I'll offer light, hope, laughter.


Ariel Monroe, (more than just an) LMT

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