How to reduce pain/ anxiety when getting needle injections


  1. Hydrate like it’s your job for at least 1-2 hours before needle
  2. Do range of motion activities to the joint right around injection site if you know where it is and massage the area gently to increase blood flow to the site region
  3. Take several deep controlled breaths and remind yourself that all pain is temporary and that you’ll feel better afterward, relax your brain and muscles (CNS) as much as possible and remain in this state until all done. Let your shoulders release down from your ears and shimmy your shoulders back and forth. Have earbuds/ headphones and a way to play music ready and play music that distracts or calms you through the process
  4. For 5-10 minutes prior to shot massage area vigorously to get your body ready for something a little bit uncomfortable. With distraction music in place, calm sensation throughout your body and with your mind all set you’re ready to take this like a champ; let your muscles be as loose and relaxed as possible so that the phlebotomist can access what they need and that the needle has an easy pathway. Injection time is now not a big deal and when it’s over you can very gently massage the area right around site (frequently the area just proximal, a little closer to the core) to help make it feel better – to help with both blood and lymph flow. A very gentle movement can feel nice and will help it return to normal soon.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; keep moving; and choose to feel fantastic, repeat as necessary and share with your friends!

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