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Young man plays his 2 crystal bowls in the forest while automn colors are at their best - closeup from above with an angle - While wearing fancy white clothing. Pictured with a blurry background

Singing Bowl Sound Bath

During this treatment, the vibrations of singing bowls resonate with every cell in your body. Your body harmonizes with the bowls creating a sense of relaxation, meditation, balance, and well-being. Awesome vibes that change your physiology, help you feel light.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This tapping technique is like acupuncture without needles. It works to promote energetic balance and healing throughout the body. Helpful for reprogramming; identify internal blocks and activate new neural pathways to change the way you think and feel. Magical.

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cropped shot of calm bearded man with closed eyes receiving reiki treatment


"Trust the process, you do not need to know how it works, only that it works." This gentle, non-invasive energy treatment relieves pain, heals the body, boosts vitality, and lessens stress.  It can be performed both in-person and long-distance and with or without physical contact.

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