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Meet The Healer

Ariel E. Monroe

~Licensed Massage Therapist ~

NJ License #18KT011487000
PA License #MSG009873


Welcome to a resource for mind, body, and spirit!

I help people comfortably navigate life's transitions while becoming better versions of themselves. I'm a Master Licensed Massage Therapist, Rei Ki Level II, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and NLP Practitioner, Singing Bowl Sound Bath Facilitator, Happiness Coach, Teacher, Writer, Comedian, and an Ordained Minister for added measure! I offer a wide variety of wellness services to help people with all sorts of physical, mental, emotional, and energy blocks that create acute discomfort and chronic disease. Change and pain are as natural as the passing of time, but I've learned that active participation is required for reducing long-term stress/ tension. Training your brain to rest and digest on a regular basis is life-changing as it makes every other process feel easier and like a lighter load.

I can help you reset, relax, renew, and reprogram.

Ready. Set. Calm.

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    Delta E.M. Wellness began with expert massage techniques, mindfulness, and meditation at its core. Ariel packs a wide variety of modalities to serve all sorts of pain and discomfort, helping you navigate life. You're certain to find your calm here.

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    Delta E.M. Wellness is more than just Massage Therapy! Experience soothing Singing Bowls, Rei Ki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, and more with our variety of personalized add-ons.

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    Delta E.M. Wellness wants you to know you have options. We provide educational workshops, retreats, and informative Pro Tips to help you make a plan for a healthy more comfortable life. 

Right Plan, Right Price



Find the right monthly plan to suit your needs. Tiered custom massage from 60-minutes to 120-minute sessions include a specified complimentary service and additional discounts for returning to take advantage of monthly membership. Relaxation to the max! No monthly minimum and no cancellation fee, freedom and flexibility. Monthly membership may not be shared.



Handpick a Wellness Package that feels good for your budget.  Use services at your convenience. Share your services and get rewarded, bonus time!



Coming soon!


Call us at +1-856-335-5902 or simply book an appointment below! 


I have known Ariel Monroe for over 5 years now. She's a friend, colleague, and also my therapist. Every time I see Ariel, she makes sure you know that she is listening to you and that you have 100% of her attention. Ariel has a natural gift for listening to the body. Her knowledge of various modalities really shines through in her personal style of massage. I get off of her table feeling relaxed/rejuvenated, and with minimized (or eliminated!) pain. I would recommend anyone who could benefit from a massage to see Ariel for a session: it won't be your last!

Janell P.

5+ Years Calm 🙂

Living a highly physical lifestyle including playing competitive ice hockey and hitting the gym 4-5 days a week, my body is no stranger to pain. I have seen many therapists over the years, but none come close to matching the breadth of her skills, intuition, and personal care and compassion. When I'm at Delta E.M. Wellness I not only know I'm in good hands, I know I'm in the BEST hands!

Scott F.

3 Years Calm 🙂

Ariel welcomed me with a hot cup of herbal tea, we sat, and sipped gently while she genuinely listened to me. Her space was very comfortable, and peaceful.  Her energy was friendly, soothing and quite knowledgeable. After she finished the body work, I truly felt revitalized, refreshed, and my mind was clear. It was healing and peaceful none the less. I would recommend Ariel because I appreciate a human with a Passion to help other humans feel less pain and discomfort. A healing experience thats results from that passion is a gift id give to anyone.

Brianna F.

Current Client

Her kind & nurturing soul comes right through in her work. It's clear she was meant to enrich others' lives with the gift of healing - in so many forms. Massage, energy work, happiness coaching, sound therapy.. is there anything you're not great at? I'm beyond grateful to have crossed paths with you. 

Jamie L.

Current Client

She is a caring, sensitive person and takes your comfort and her service to you seriously. Her massages are the most comforting and carefully performed. She is a true professional and the best massage therapist I know. Her services are requested repeatedly by her clientele and she is generous with her time and attention. You will never go wrong having Ariel massage you. 

Judy M.

Current Client

Being in the event/wedding industry can take a major toll on your body especially after working 20 hrs in one day. Ariel was eager and happy to massage me. It has been years since I have felt this good! Ariel took time after my massage to show me stretches to help my body feel great even after the massage was over. Her studio was a relaxing and beautiful space. Thanks again! 

Kate L.

Current Client
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